Photos: Nick Hamilton

Words: Hondo

Mark McMorris and Jamie Anderson snag gold in slopestyle at the 2012 Dew Tour in Breckenridge

The slopestyle contest at this years Dew Tour was crazy for a number of reasons. The first reason it was crazy was becasue of the level of riding in the woman’s event. All of the girls are riding at a really strong level and it’s cool to see girls like Spencer O’Brien, Enni Rukajarvi, and Jamie Anderson just all out kill it. Spencer has one of the most stylish switch backside 540’s out there, and Enni has an awsome backside 540 indy. It’s sick. But those tricks couldn’t keep Jamie Anderson from taking the win. She really knows how to ride a slopestyle course. Jamie ended up taking the win, with Spencer taking second place, and Enni rounded out third.

The second reason that the slope event was crazy was the fact that the guys had to shred the course in gnarly wind and snow. It was pretty much a hurricane when the dudes had to drop in, but that didn’t stop riders like Torstein Horgmo, Chaz Guldemond, Sage Kotsenburg, Stale SandbechMark McMorris and all the other guys from charging it. If you thought 40 mph wind would stop a dude from double corking, well than you’re wrong. While the dudes are doing sick double corks and crazy spin tricks off the jumps, the moves that impressed me the most were the crazy rail tricks that these guys are doing every try. Mark McMorris  gapped a hardway frontside 270 on the kinked rail every try. That’s not an easy trick. At the end of the day Mark took the win, with Chaz in second, and Stale Sandbech in third.


Mark McMorris. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton