Marion Haerty takes "earn your turns" to a new level.

Big mountain riding takes a certain type of person. One who is willing to hike long hours to reach the pinnacle of a peak, for one long line. Though at times, the output to reach the goal can seem arduous and potentially not worth it, it always is.

Marion Haerty caught the big mountain bug, and has been pursuing lines throughout the grand peaks in her backyard of Chamonix. Once a competitor within the slopestyle scene, she traded icey park jumps, for extensive backcountry and mountaineering lines.

Propelled by her taste for this type of snowboarding, she broke into the Freeride World Tour and claimed the overall title last year.

Now as she sets her sights on this season, she released the above video, and chatted with us about what continues to drive her, and provides advice for ladies looking to get into the backcountry.

-What are your plans for this upcoming season?
I will continue to ride on the Freeride World Tour, there are 5 different stops, Hakuba (Japan), Kicking Horse (Canada), Fieberbruun (Austria), Vallnord (Andorra) and Verbier (Switzerland).
I really hope to be able to use my past of riding freestyle, to help do tricks during competitions in the future. I look to explore my freeriding skills by pushing my mind and my body to the limit and seeking new levels. I’m also keen to expand my skill set with a view to future big mountain adventures and to make videos with Yucca!

-Why are you drawn to big mountain riding?
It’s hard to explain those amazing feeling about what is to ride big mountain for me. I can use this 'fire of energy' that I can feel when I step onto a snowboard and enjoy the freedom of competing on the World Tour. When I can choose my own lines to embrace my creative instinct, and showcase my full range of abilities to ride natural features.

-Out of all of the lines you rode last season, what was your favorite, why?
My favorite line was surely during a day in Chamonix with a bunch of good friends, bluebird, fresh powder, steepness and new things to learn about ropes!

-What was the most dangerous, or scary line you rode last year, why?
During the beginning of the last season I went for the first steep couloir of my winter by splitboarding, a part of the way to reach the top of this couloir was super icy, steep and I was lazy to put my crampons for only 20meters…. I slipped and it was not possible to stop. Thanks to some old tracks with the help of my turns, I found away to avoid the rocks in the bottom.

– What advice do you have for girls looking into getting into bigger terrain and riding more consequential lines?
Taking time for going step by step, having some training for a beacon’s search, don’t hesitate to seek advice from expert mountain people if you have any questions. Try to know where you want to go before to ride your line, listen to your instinct if you don’t feel comfortable to follow your crew, be focused when you feel the danger, and have more fun than you think you can!

From Marion Haerty:
There are many ways to practice snowboarding, different terrains, different feelings. Marion Haerty talks about her experiences and her career, from the terrain park in Chamrousse to the steep couloirs of Chamonix, from slopestyle  ontests to the Freeride world champ tittle.

Filmakers : Thomas guerrin & Pierre Cadot
Snowboarder : Marion Haerty

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