Mario Kaeppeli Presents His Full Documentary: Coming Home

Mario Kaeppeli presents his full documentary about his journey through snowboarding and how a simple pleasure became his entire life. For the last 17 years, Mario has stood among the best of the best in the snowboard world. From the early days of contests,to his transition into filming, Mario has remarkable accomplishments including winning Air & Style and putting out solid video parts in multiple Forum movies. Recently Mario has increasingly focused his efforts around the backcountry and his long time gratification of being in the serenity of nature. Check out Mario Kaeppeli, Mario Wagner, Tom Klocker, and Ethan Morgan in Coming Home.

A snowboard documentary following swiss snowboarder Mario Kaeppeli trough his 2015 season with his buddies Mario Wanger and Tom Klocker. Recapitulating his career Mario tells his story of snowboarding and gives insight into his state of mind.” – Franco Marco

Mario Kaeppeli Coming Home |

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