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Manuel Diaz has been filming with Absinthe for the past six years, and he continues to stack mind-blowing footage that is molded into insane segments. We are proud to present his full part from Absinthe's AfterForever in its entirety for your viewing pleasure.

Justin Hostynek, the man and mind behind Absinthe Films, is drawn to Manuel for his style and how hard he charges and told us, "He rides down heavy AK lines faster than anyone out there and he can hold his own on any sized jump with epic style.”

Though Manuel is incredibly talented, and absolutely slays, Hostynek says, "It's unbelievable that he receives virtually no sponsorship support from the snowboard industry and has to hustle to make it all happen. Money or not, nothing will hold back this Chilean powerhouse," he continued.

Check out Manuel's full part above, and download your own copy of AfterForever here.

Absinthe's 17th film production, AfterForever is out now on iTunes and ready for you to download. The film traverses the world to the snowiest locations and unleashes its stacked cast of riders on peaks in remote locations including; Haines, Alaska, Nelson, B.C./Whistler B.C., The Cameltoe, Secret European Absinthe Backcountry Zones and beyond.

Download your copy of the film now: http://radi.al/AfterForever

About: AfterForever

Change is the only constant. Resistance leads to stagnation and suffering while embracing it brings growth. What comes AfterForever? Everything

Why should people watch this movie?  

For the same reasons they've watched all other Absinthe movies. Music, style, progression and because it's one of the last pure sources for riding stoke. It's the real deal and will make you want to go snowboarding.


Mark Sollors

Kimmy Fasani

Ethan Deiss

Austen Sweetin

Garrett Warnick

Brandon Cocard

Brendan Gerard

Severin Van Der Meer

Max Buri

Mat Schär

Jaeger Bailey

Manuel Diaz

Cale Zima

Locations: Haines, Alaska, Nelson, B.C./Whistler B.C., The Cameltoe, Secret European, Absinthe Backcountry Zones

Filmers: Justin Hostynek/David Vladyka/Shane Charlebois/Butters

Editor: Brock 'Butters' Nielsen

Motion Graphics: AutumnLine

Release date: 10/12/16 on iTunes

Sponsors: Capita/Coal/Baldface Resort/Burton/Anon/Alaska Heli Quiksilver/DC/Skullcandy/EVO/Laax/Salomon/Billabong/Bataleon/Von Zipper/ClifBar

Download your copy of AfterForever here.

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