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Check the full Absinthe Films movie ‘Heavy Mental’ at your local snowboard shop, or on iTunes. 

Manuel Diaz Full Part From Heavy Mental By Absinthe Films

Manuel Diaz is a ripper from Chile, he's been riding Stevens Pass and the Pacific Northwest for years, and this year has a super sick part in the new Absinthe Films movie Heavy Mental, online right here for 48 hours only.

Manual Diaz,

Diaz stoking for the heli time. PHOTO: Andrew Miller

Who did you have the best session with?

With my good friend Oruga back home last year.

What was the hardest trick to land?

Frontside  double cork 1080.

Where did you go in your favorite trip this year?


When did you feel on top of the world this year?

When the helicopter droped me at doctor seus

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

After a month in alaska.

How many flights did you miss? Maybe 17, i have a sketchy deal

Why do you love snowboarding?

Because it is part of me

What’s next for you? Not sure, but i hope i keep it in one piece

How was your time in ak? There was actually 3 times this year, one with Gigi and the pirates which was awesome, we got to ride light meter off the hook, the next time was for a day with J-Rob n Blair which was also off the hook! We rode dirty nidle and doctor seuss, then we came back, same crew for another 2 weeks I think, and we couldn’t ride stuff we rode last year cause no much snow, but Alaska terrain is huge so we still found stuff.


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Catch the full movie at these fine establishments

October 02, 2014 : Nelson : Capitol Theatre

October 03, 2014 : Calgary : Globe Theatre

October 04, 2014 : Revelstoke : Roxy Theatre

October 13, 2014 : Bozeman : Emerson Cultural Center

October 15, 2014 : Burlington : Roxy Cinema

October 17, 2014 : Bozeman : Emerson Cultural Center

October 25, 2014 : Crested Butte : Center For The Arts

November 26, 2014 : Anchorage : Bear Tooth Theater

More info about the film tour HERE!