Mike Rav, Kevin Court, Parker Szumowski, Reid Smith, David Steigerwald, and Katie Kennedy cruising and crushing the large assortment of terrain that Brighton Resort offers. A very fun one to watch.

Video by Paul Osborne.

From Paul Osborne: 

Once a glorious world, the surface of Mandalore was laid waste by war, leading Duchess Satine Kryze to renounce the planet's violent history and declare neutrality in the Clone Wars. Satine's pacifism was opposed by Death Watch, an underground movement of armored warriors that celebrated Mandalore's martial past and sought to overthrow her. Late in the Clone Wars, Darth Maul took over Death Watch and led the conquest of Mandalore. He executed Satine and installed a puppet prime minister as the planet's new ruler, sparking a new chapter in Mandalore's violent history.

Between working 2 jobs, riding real powder for the first time and having torn ligaments in my ankle from a summer injury, filming this year has been a slow process, especially when I have to call it quits on hill after only a few hours when my leg starts to give out, but I’m glad to call these guys my friends. I hope you guys enjoy.

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