The Manboys : Farewell Horses : presented by Monster Energy

The Manboys 2014 Episode 3 : Farewell Horses : presented by Monster Energy

Hello fellow people; Manboys here. Much of the snow in this episode appears to be fresh, which might lead you to believe that we have driven reliable, cutting-edge snow machines far into the Whistler wilderness in order to access such remote zones. But that's just not true. We mostly ride horses. The problem is, is that horses don't film well. And statistically, they score very low on Instagram. So we say, "Fuck filming the horses," and we just don't do it. Instead, we take some sleds out for a day and get them stuck everywhere, always in front of a camera, and that usually creates the illusion of living the snowmobiling lifestyle that all the raw skateboarders and surfers seem to be so jealous of.”

Chris Rasman, Matt Belzile, Mark Sollors, and Rusty Ockenden do most of the snowboarding in this one. Feel free to enjoy the hell out of it.

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