Mammoth Hot Laps 3

Not many places in the world have spring time riding like California. With the warm weather, good snow, and friendly people it can be one of the best states to sack up to that trick you have been waiting all year to try, or grab a few last day on the hill with your friends. And out of all the resorts in California, Mammoth is one of the best. Which is why it’s no surprise that year after year pros from all over the world flock here when the temperatures rise and the days grow longer.

Riders: Greg Bretz, Jaeger Bailey, Ryan Pluche, Brian Pract, Danny Salazar, Joey Miaz, Frank Knab, Spencer Whiting, Toby Miller, Chloe Kim, Scott Blum, Deavan Peeter, Matt Williams, Ryan Linnert, Jared Dawoud, Ron Forth, Brock Crouch, Judd Henke

Filmed by: Greg Weaver, Kevin Westenbarger, Justin Ryan, Duncan Victory.

Music:  “Unbound” by Dpat

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We know you want to ride under sunsets like this. PHOTO: Peter Morning