The Making of Full Moon Film

When Leanne Pelosi set out to make Full Moon, she wanted to highlight the storied history of women's snowboarding, while also highlighting the present and upcoming female pro riders. Through two years of handwork and dedication, her vision was fulfilled with a film that truly honors the past and illuminates the future.

So what went into filming a project of this nature? More hard-work than you can imagine and a ton of ideas that ultimately didn't quite go as planned, but maybe the ended up going better. Through it all, Leanne and the ladies of Full Moon came together and made this incredible movie, that truly is a testament to women and snowboarding as whole.

See what went into filming this flick, how the idea was conceptualized and get a feeling for the highs and lows throughout production in this honest portrayal of the making of Full Moon.


Full Moon is available to download now on iTunes, get yourself a copy.

Full Moon ladies about to drop in Alaska. Photo: Chad Chomlack

From lululemon:

Get inspired by the women who push boundaries in the world of backcountry snowboarding. Two years in the making with some of the best in the business (the film features riders Leanne Pelosi, Jamie Anderson, Hana Beaman, Annie Boulanger, Marie France Roy, Robin Schettini and Robin Van Gyn), Full Moon is less stereotypical snowboard porn and more a cultural preservation, sharing the history of women's snowboarding to inspire what is currently an uncertain future.

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