Madison Blackley Full Part 2015-2016

With just over three and a half minutes of footage from last winter, it’s easy to see that Madison Blackley is a leading lady in the street scene. It’s cool she’s making her way into the backcountry, proving herself as a versatile snowboarder. Check her clips in Too Hard’s G.O.A.T. and read on for a Q & A about Madison’s season.

Let's talk about your season.  What were two main highlights, and two things you wish could have taken back, or done differently?

Every season is so different and I had such a great time filming with some new people this year.  My main highlights were going to the Baker Banked Slalom and getting 2nd in that insane course, so crazy and fun. I traveled with the Bataleon team to Andorra and Spain and those trips were so amazing and eye opening.  I try not to have any regrets on things I should have done differently, but I always wish I could ride more powder, I don't get enough of those types of days.

What was it like filming for G.O.A.T?

It is always fun meeting up with new girls and attempting to seek out new spots and new ideas. Just tracking the snow and pretty much winging it with no set plans— It keeps it interesting and keeps me on my toes. I love seeing all of the girls footage at the end of year year who film other places, it's a nice surprise. There are girls all over the world who were a part of the movie this year, so it's cool to be able to go everywhere and know there are people to meet up with.

What section/trick in the your full part are you most hyped on?

I learned to go upside down this year experimenting with backflips and the crippler was a cool thing for me. Any powder shots make me hyped because it's not something Too Hard is really known for, and it's by far the most fun thing to film.

What filmers did you work with, and where did you primarily film?

Kieth Rutherford, John Blume, Diggles…. I filmed with like one million people so that's a hard question. We film a lot of each other when we can't find a filmer, which is most of the time, but most things went down in Tahoe, SLC, a little in Colorado and at Brighton.

What are your plans for this season?

My plan of having no plan usually ends up working out okay, but I do know I'm going back to Baker and I'm hoping to get out to Jackson soon with Fancy and Kieth and trying to venture into some smaller towns and mountains to explore some new zones.


Bataleon, Switchback, Airblaster, Smith, Vans, Celtek, Blindside, Brighton, Dank Donuts

Anything else?

Thanks to everybody who supports snowboarding and loves it for all the right reasons.

Ryan Martin & Joachim Nordwall – Trance Below The Streets
Dead Ghosts – Roky Said

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