A student of the snowboard word, Luke Winkelmann is indisputably climbing the ranks to be the best in his class. At one of the world's premiere snowboard camps, Luke unveiled his dangerously fancy footwork and danced across all the snow, metal, and dirt High Cascade had to offer. Throwing style on every feature he rides, Luke clearly demonstrates that his talents range far and wide. Once a Knowbuddy, now he’s featuring appearances from luminaries in his summer edits. It’s safe to say, Luke is on his way to having a particularly illustrious career.

“Luke Winkelmann and friends, Ralph Kucharek, Brady Lem, Cooper Whittier, John Murphy, Reid Smith and Tommy Gesme.” 

Luke Winkelmann- High Cascade 2016 | TWSNOW

Finally Luke Winkelman: High Cascade 2016!