Luckiest Snowboarder Ever

Luckiest Snowboarder Ever Video

Rider: Martin Theoret, Snowcat Driver: Matt Dubois

We caught up with Martin Theoret, internet famous for narrowly missing a snowcat on the landing.
So Martin, what exactly happened here?
I had arrived late to a build/test session and had just watched 3-4 of my friends hit the jump as I was going up the chairlift on the right, that you can see at the start of the video. I had yelled to them that I was coming and to wait for me at the bottom, but they didn’t relay the message to Matt Dubois (driver). So I ducked the rope thinking it was all good since the park was closed for us to test out the jump, very normal to have the park roped off if we’re doing a park build. I had been hitting the jump the day before and thought to come in mellow with a cab 5, but as I was riding up the take off, around 5-10 feet from the lip, I saw the snowcat. I had to make a super quick decision, either send it or try to stop and most likely case the knuckle and probably get run over by the snowcat. I was coming in pretty hot, and was going off the jump regardless. When I landed, I went into shock almost instantly, I didn’t look back because I couldn’t believe what had just happened, and I thought the snowcat driver Matt was going to kick my ass since I DID duck the rope to get into the park. I ended up riding off the screen and then laying face down and puked for a bit, while Matt and others came down and chuckled over the near miss.
Also, there are no other photos or videos of that day. Genny Wilson is the one who uploaded it to Facebook and, from there it spread to all those old video sites like Ebaums, wimp…etc. Matt Dubois was driving the cat, Kevin Smith was with him. Matt Anka is the rider seen at the beginning of the vid but disappears at the top when the video zooms in. Jake Chicoine, Sean Thomson, and Jesse Delgrosse were the ones heard yelling from the chairlift, they actually thought I was going to die. The video skips at the start because Genny uploaded it and I’m guessing didn’t know how to edit well or wanted to make the vid shorter. All the names mentioned can be found through my friends list on Facebook, and the mountain is Edelweiss Ski Resort, Quebec.
Thanks for sharing Martin, stay safe out there.

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