Lucas Magoon Is Back With A Brand New Full Part

Words, photos, and interview by Ben Birk.

Lucas Magoon made his rise to fame in the mid-2000s, when he busted onto the scene with style that was completely and uniquely his own. Winning rail jam after rail jam, and sparking the flame for a thousand imitators, he was the hottest snowboarder on the planet and everyone wanted a piece. Filming for FODT Lucas put out full part after full part, that pushed him further into stardom. Then while skateboarding Lucas tragically sustained a brain injury, and no one knew if he was going to ride again. But what most people forgot is that you can’t keep a Gremlin down. Gooner slowly got back on the snowboard, and from time to time you would see clips of him in the MarkAss Monday videos. Goontown was back, but not filming a full part quite yet. But this past fall brought winds of change and Lucas was ready to hit the road and go after the coveted full part once again.

Interview with Lucas Magoon below.

Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk

Heavy writing on the wall. PHOTO:

Who did you have the best session with this year?  

I would have to say, other then Holy Bowly, sessions with Chris Bradshaw and Deadlung. In the streets definitely a good time with Ryan Tarbell, Ian Sams, and Anthony Mazzotti. I also had a fun trip with GBP from Superpark back to Reno.

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

I would have to say the elbow kink. It was beginning of the year and the first night shoot of the season. It was quite difficult, but it was a good time. Ryan Tarbell almost landed a switch boardslide on it.

Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk

Noseslide Tail Tap to Fakie mid cig puff. PHOTO:

Where did you go on your favorite trip this year?

Minnesota would be ranked one, Denver for the trade show was fun, and Milwaukee was fun too.

When did you feel on top of the world this year?

I didn’t really feel on top of the world this year but I definitely enjoyed filming the shifty tap to fake. Definitely felt proper to land the noseslide shifty tap to fake on the big kink. Other then that, not top of the world but I did feel funny off one of those Bob Marley natural drinks. And after the fall on the red kick and got up and got that. So yeah that one was not top of the world but definitely felt fucking smiles.

Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk

All smiles. PHOTO:

When did you feel like you wanted to give up? 

I didn’t really want to give up, but I I was ready to set sail in Minnesota after my board snapped in half and it was the last out of the three I had. Not giving up but felt like it was time to leave.

How many flights did you miss?

I didn’t miss any flights. I actually did the opposite. I showed up a day early but you know it’s good when you got that Southwest Business Select. I racked up those mile points. I showed up and had the Business Select and got my ticket changed to the next available flight to the same location. It’s good with the Business select because every flight you get the free Champaign or alcohol beverage.

Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk

Boardslide. PHOTO:

Why do you love snowboarding?

I loved it from the very first time I remember. I’m pretty sure it was the original Darkside at Killington in the spring, I believe it was something around ’93-’94 . And then ever since I got the first snowboard and I had the backyard with snow, so it worked out. But right when I seen snowboarding on the television, these guys were having a session on this dope cut out hip or something like off a windlip with just dope style. I knew then that’s what I wanted to do.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is filming for the Snowboarder Mag video I believe is the word from the Killington block father, Pat Bridges himself. I’m very excited.


Technine, Jus Liv, Electric, Vans, Tite, Jammypack, GBP, Duh Bolts, Raw, Celtek, Dankdounts, Silka glass, Caviargold, Meditainer, Dakine, Merica Stompion Terrors, and the rest is in the video credits.

Lucas Magoon, Ben Birk

Back in da streets. PHOTO:

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