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[Louif's speech starts at 3:51 in the video above.]

Since the creation of the Déjà Vu movies, there's a very simple pattern to Louif Paradis' parts—he gets the ender, he wins Men's Video Part Of The Year. That was the case with the first self-titled Déjà Vu movie two years ago, and that's the case with the follow up film, Encore, now.

Over seven minutes long, Louif's Encore part features one of the most technically precise and creative displays of urban snowboarding yet witnessed. Back in 2008, Louif's breakout ender in TransWorld SNOWboarding's first feature film, These Days, put him on the map as one of the most progressive urban riders in the world with tricks like the first backside 270 to fakie on a street downrail (a.k.a the backside 270 Louif). Season after season, part after part, he's proven that he deserves that title, but with his Encore part he also displays his growing comfort and skill in the backcountry.

As Louif heads into another season of filming, we're looking forward to seeing how he continues to progress snowboarding while taking his style of riding to more diverse terrain.

Congratulations on winning your second Riders' Poll Video Part Of The Year award Louif.

Louif Paradis. Photo: Cole Martin

Louif Paradis. Photo: Cole Martin


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Louif Paradis’ Full Part From Encore.

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