Lou Macias Street Edit 2015

Lou Macias Street Footage 2015

Lou Macias’s 2015 street part from Fyve Board Co.

A few weeks in a car and -26F temps make for an adventure thru the states. With a sub par winter back home Lou headed eastbown and down, meeting up with other Fyve Snowboards team riders Sam Nuemann and Armeen Pirooz as well as Brian Pracht from Pay the Rent. This was our first trip eastbound leaving us overwhelmed on things to do, although as first timers in a new area there were plenty of busts, luckily no cuffs were involved haha. All in all it was a fun trip and plan to really get after it next season as everything has begun its melt for spring, but now that we know its on……until next winter

Film & Edit by: Jason C Manning

Riding by: Lou Macias 

Guest Riders: Sam Nuemann, Armeen Pirooz, and Brian Pracht

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Lou Macias _ STREET FOOTAGE 2015