Deep in the back roads of BC lies an experience that many dream about and only a few can handle. Known for having some of the longest top to bottom runs in North America, Revelstoke is considered to be a hub of backcountry terrain. The surrounding environment not only matches these highly sought after characteristics, but also surpasses them in their own unique ways. As the warm spring sunshine crept over the south facing slopes, Snackbreak and Wasted Youth set out on some old logging roads with sleds, guns, and libations. Shipwrecked in the valleys of British Columbia, Seb Grondin, Danny Leblanc, Sean Barrett, Johan Rosen, and Ben Bilocq spent two weeks singing the Logging Road Blues in untracked paradise.

“This spring we left the warm town of Revelstoke to find the last of the dry snow in BC. We got lost and drove for hours on some logging road, ended up getting stranded for two weeks in the dirtbag paradise with sleds, boards, guns, fireworks and a lot of beers” – SNACKBREAK

Logging Road Blues, ft Wasted Youth | TWSNOW