Liz Daley Memorial Video

Liz Daley, a professional climber, AMGA-certified mountain guide, and snowboarder, inspired many with her talents and incredible positivity. One year ago, on September 29th 2014, Liz passed away due to an avalanche in the backcountry outside of El Chaltén, Argentina while on a shoot with Eddie Bauer. Her fiancée, Davide De Masi directed this beautiful memorial video of Liz and her life leading up to the incident. It’s a heartfelt view into the life of Liz and a wonderful reminder to #LiveLikeLiz.


“You really have to learn to just slow your roll… and just learn how to enjoy life at a way slower pace.” — Liz Daley

Liz Daley

“Liz Daley is one of the most memorable people I have had the pleasure of meeting,” said professional snowboarder Chris Coulter, who was with Liz in Argentina and was a first responder to her after the avalanche.

“Her passion for life was second to none, her energy and stoke was contagious. Her ability to get along with people from many walks of life was inspiring. She was amazing to travel and be in the mountains with. I owe it to Liz to live like her and bring light and happiness into the world. My friend Liz is in my thoughts every day. I am constantly thinking about her and miss her so much. I take her into the mountains with me every day I go, I miss you Liz,” Chris continued.

 May Liz’s enduring positivity and light live on. #LiveLikeLiz