Nate Powers Season Edit from Nashoba Valley

Nate Powers, a Nashoba Valley local that hails from Pepperell, Massachusetts, just released what may be his last season edit.

“I’m now 27 years old with a full time job,” said Nate. “Two years ago, I had three shoulder surgeries and I’m getting to the point where it’s not worth risking myself like that anymore. Don’t get me wrong though, I will snowboard as much as I can ’til I’m old and decrepit,” Powers continued as reasons why he might stop filming.

Watch his edit above which features urban segments and a couple sections that showcase Nashoba Parks.


Powers has been on the grind snowboarding for quite sometime and though he may stop filming, his take on snowboarding is similar to why many of continue to chase that white fluff.

“I keep snowboarding because it is my escape from reality. Not that life sucks that bad, it’s just nice to shut your brain off and actually live within the moment. Whether I’m hitting a jump, rail or doing something stupid on the side of the trail, it doesn’t matter what it is –Snowboarding will always put a smile on my face and has always led me to the greatest times and meeting some of the greatest people,” said Nate.

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