Living Bob Episode 2 – China to Laax Open

Boris Mouton's second installment of his new series Living Bob follows him in his quest to tackle a competition in China before heading to Switzerland for the LAAX Open. In what seems to be a pretty awesome best trick contest where Audi pulls snowboarders into the jump, Boris lands himself on the podium just hours before he needs to land in Switzerland for LAAX qualifiers. With almost no sleep, Boris lands his qualifying run at LAAX. All things considered, it was a successful January in the life of Bob.

"For the second episode of Living Bob, we started our new adventure by going on a trip to China for a little show put on by AUDI. Once we landed, Simon Gruber and many other cool dudes were there and we started to enjoy the Chinese culture, especially the really good food, haha… It was for sure an amazing experience for us, and we had a lot of fun.

"After flying 30 hours from China, we landed in Geneva at 8pm, took the car from Geneva direction Laax Open, drove 4 hours, got to Laax about 1am, slept 4 hours, woke up totally fucked up with jetlag. And at 8.30am the qualification of the Laax Open was on… Fortunately I got to semi-finals where I could land my second run. Laax Open was done for me, so many good memories, and stories to tell. Well, I guess I've had the most amazing January I've ever had…

Let's hope the best for February." – Boris

Living Bob Episode 2 - China to Laax Open |

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