Week in and week out, Boris Mouton has taken us inside his 2015-16 season. The Living Bob series has given us the opportunity to ride alongside Boris from China to the LAAX Open, from Sweden to the Ale Invite, and finally back to China for the World Snowboard Championships. After battling it out in contests all year, Boris took his Season 1 finale of Living Bob to beautiful Whistler. In the final chapter of his eventful season, Boris taps into the recreational side of Bob's life.

Left China after the World Championships, landed in Geneva, drove to St Moritz, landed a Backflip at the Swiss champs, drove to Geneva, took a plane, landed in Vancouver ! BIIIIIIIM WHISTLER HERE WE ARE ! So glad to be there, terrific park, amazing people, crazy weather ! Hope you guys will enjoy the last episode of our webserie Living Bob that we filmed there. Thanks to everyone for supporting us, friends, family, fans, followers, sponsors. Hope to see you next year… until then RIDE ON !” – Boris Mouton

Living Bob Ep.5 Whistler Canada | TWSNOW

Finally, Living Bob Ep.5