Like A Life : The Philosophy of Siberian Snowboarding : Full Movie

Like A Life is a short snowboarding film based on the philosophy of Siberian Snowboarding. This exploration of foreign shredding is an awesome movie to watch if you want to get a feel for the shred scene in one of the coldest, snowiest places on earth. Siberia spans a huge mass of land and a great majority of it is snowy and cold for much of the year, watch these guys take advantage of just that.

Featuring riders: nikolay grinev, artemev stepan, batmanov alexey, abramov slava, podlogar peter, andrianov roman, pitchkxadze, artem, verhoturov ilya, ville outila, and friends…

Film / Edit by: naimyshin alexey
Additional filming: grigorev denis, tolya ivanov
Supported by: JOINT snowboards and HORSEFEATHERS custom clothing

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Like A Life Full Movie