Growing up an underprivileged kid in a rough neighborhood, Trev Ponting found his escape through skateboarding. At a young age he made a name for himself in the New Zealand skate community. Shortly after snowboarding was introduced to the south island, Trev had his first on snow experience. During his second season, he befriended Quentin Robbins and moved to the mountains to pursue a career in freestyle snowboarding. Living in an old passenger bus, the Trevor found his passion and the rest is history.

“Sit back, spark up and and enjoy a short tale on the life and times of TREV. An iconic New Zealand skater through the early 80's that found snowboarding almost by accident, Trev Ponting’s signature power and style helped lay the foundations of New Zealand snowboarding, just as it continues to influence powder surfing in Japan today.” – Offshore Snow Shapes

Life and Times of Trevor Ponting | TWSNOW