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Lick the Cat is back! One of the raddest crews out there has returned for the 2012/2013 season! Check out their new episode featuring Deadlung, Ben Bilodeau, Griffin Siebert, Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Sam Taxwood, Michael Wick, Merrick Joyce, Sage Kotsenburg, Blaze Kotsenburg, Zak Hale, Jordan Morse, Jordan Tramp, Alex Sherman, Alex Rodway, Alex Lopez, Billy Wandling, Nick Julius, Jeremy Thompson, Mac Spedale, Matty Mo, Andrew Aldridge, Cam Fitzpatrick, Cody Lee, and Evan Drage.

We sat down with the a few dudes from Lick the Cat to see just what the hell these dudes are up to.

What does Lick the Cat mean?

Sam Taxwood: Basically one day myself and Ben (Bilodeau) were on the chairlift reminiscing about, I don't know what, but we just started talking about licking a cat. Like there's a song called "Lick the Cat", we might have been talking about the sexual version, but it really could just be whatever you want it to be really. Well we could just go full porn and say it's about spreading those legs wide and licking that up! (laughs) But it's not (laughs).  Our homie Jerm just had a camera and we just decided to name it Lick the Cat.

 What's going to be different this year? Why should we care?

Big Jerm: We're going HD this year. We're going Euro on the music too. Nah just kidding, but we did get an HD lens, and we're not fu*cking around.

Who's in Lick the Cat? Who's in the crew?

Sage Kotsenburg: Well really anyone can be in it. If you just show up and you're down, Jerm's going to film you. And if your stuff is sick you're going to get in the edit. That's the best thing about Lick the Cat. It's not like a certain crew; it's always changing. There are always different people in it who are sick at snowboarding. It's not just a set crew of like four dudes that just always ride at Park City. It's a bunch of dudes from different places and we just make sick edits with them.

Yeah man it's like a mind set.

Yeah it is dude. Snowboarding doesn't really have that either. Where like anyone's down. We haven't really started yet either. We just started last year. Now this year it's just kind of blown up.  Anyone's down. Like in this new edit there's 25 people. It's sick.  It makes it so much sicker cause there's so much diversity in the riding.

What should we expect from you guys this winter?

Shit dude what can’t you expect! I feel like last year it was just an intro as to what is going to go down this year.  Like after Spring Break The Movie, after it really exploded, that was just filming for three days. This year we actually want to make insane edits with really sick riding. And we're going to make a full video for the end of the season.