2013 Holy Bowly Recap Video

Lib Tech's Holy Bowly makes its North American debut at Park City, April 19

Billed as international gathering of creativity and flow, the first Holy Bowly made its appearance on April 14, 2012 at Happo-one Resort in Japan. Borrowing from the laid-back, inclusive vibe of its US sister event, the Holy Oly Revival, the Holy Bowly brought together a diverse group of riders including Forest Bailey, Dylan Thompson, Pat Moore, Austin Hironaka, Jamie Lynn and Wes Makepeace with the hope of showing that park design and riding can be about more than table-top jumps, hips, and rails. Leaving behind the idea of a contest or winners, the Holy Bowly instead focused on an appreciation of style.

With a course hand-shaped by Japanese snow bowl builders Hayato Maruyam, Goro Komatsu, Shuji Kajiura, and Mervin's Krush Kulesza, that first gathering captured the imagination of much of the snowboard community. The following winter a five-day event was hosted at Japan's Tenjin Resort and being able to attend was already highly coveted.

The 2013 Holy Bowly course.

The 2013 Holy Bowly course.

Carrying on the tradition of hand-shaped transitions and giant snow bowls, the Holy Bowly makes its North American debut at Park City, Utah on April 19 with over 80 confirmed riders including veterans Forest Bailey, Jamie Lynn, Yusaku Horii, Scott Blum, Austin Hironaka, Sam Taxwood, Blake Paul, Jake Olson-Elm, Wes Makepeace, Zak Hale, Desiree Melancon, Ted Borland, Mike Rav, Dylan Thompson, Jesse Burtner, Sean Genovese alongside eager first-timers Temple Cummins, Keegan Valaika, Chris Bradshaw, Bode Merrill, Bryan Fox, Brandon Hammid, Tim Eddy, Danny Kass, Mikey LeBlanc, Scott Stevens, Russell Winfield, Scotty Arnold, The Brothers Warbington, and Justin Bennee.

Stay tuned to TWSNOW.com for full coverage or if you're in the Utah area head up to Park City to witness a gathering of cultures and styles that brings backcountry soul surfers, pipe jocks, urban jibbers, contest riders and every other shred stereotype together with a common goal of reveling in the stoke that is snowboarding.