‘Legend’, as a word, is in jeopardy. People are beginning to throw the term around so willy-nilly that ordering a second beer at dinner can be deemed legendary. Drinking two beers is not legendary. Perhaps we all just need a swift kick in the ass to be reminded exactly what a legend is.

A legend is someone whose life narrative is so storied that nearly any assertion of heroism about this person could be plausible. It’s someone who has been to the other side and lived to tell the tale. Devun Walsh is a fucking legend.

For twenty years, Devun has been a top-tier professional snowboarder. He’s traveled to every corner of the world, board bag in tow, always returning home to British Columbia. It is here, in and around Whistler, that Devun reigns king. In between the international flights his line of work demands, he’s pioneered backcountry zones and tricks at home in BC, filming benchmark video parts in the process.

This past season Devun rallied the Wildcats—a crew that, at this point, his name has become almost synonymous with—to create a film which, intentionally or not, reminded the snowboarding world just how influential this group of Canucks has been on our culture. Wildcats Never Die follows the familiar shenanigans/snowboarding hybrid format we’ve come to love from this crew, showcasing the ‘Cats backcountry prowess ten years since the release of their last film.

Devun circa 1999. Photo: Scott Serfas

Devun circa 1999. Photo: Scott Serfas

While Devun’s career choice has continuously surrounded him with overindulgence to his right and left, he learned to navigate this party-influenced industry early on, always putting snowboarding first, saving the celebration for when it was warranted, and showing everyone else how it’s done when the occasion arose. Devun’s wisdom has led him to this point: two decades into a successful pro career that has offered incredible opportunities for not only himself, but others as well.

We want to congratulate Devun, the first Canadian to receive this honor, on a career that embodies the Legend Award in every way.


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