Leanne Pelosi : Full Part : Vision Airs

Vision Airs web series is about Leanne Pelosi riding with snowboarders who have a capability to see beyond their current reality. These ‘vision airs’ exude creativity and style. Inspired through infectious energy, the best moments of Leanne Pelosi’s season are delivered in one edit as her full part.

Filmed on location in Whistler B.C, Sweden, Japan, Alaska, and Calgary AB.

Edited by Clayton Larsen

Who did you have the best session with this year?

MFR and I had 3 days of perfect powder in Whistler. It was actually pretty poor visibility, so we couldn’t really access any zones other than this little gem in the trees. We were really in our element enjoying ourselves, having fun and it shows in episode 1.  It’s my favourite edit. It was also the first time that we’ve ever filmed together, and we definitely compliment each other’s riding style.  It was nice to feel genuine positive encouragement from her to land tricks. She’s got such good style and amazing attitude and fun to be around.

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

The half cab back 360 off the gap to pillow was the hardest.  It’s one of those shots that looks easy but it really wasn’t.  That landing was so damn flat and the first time I went there, I probably hit it like 20 times after Marie had gotten her 180 on, 180 off first or second try…. I wanted that trick so bad after seeing Gigi and Jussi do those types of tricks over the years.  Lucky for me, it snowed a ton and by the time we went back I landed it first try.  That never happens to me so it was a pleasant surprise.  I ate quite a bit of shit trying all sorts of variations on the other pillows around the area.

Where did you go on your favorite trip this year?

Japan!  The culture, the people, the monkeys, the kimoshika’s (goat-bear-pigs), and the onsens were highlights. Oh and working with crazy Kazu, Japan’s most hilarious, coolest photographer. We had such a good time and every time I leave I want to back.

When did you feel on top of the world this year?

I had been wanting to land a back rodeo 7 for awhile, and when I landed that trick I was like finallllllyyyyy!  But it wasn’t the best one.  Argh. So I tried it quite a few more times and almost landed my best, most styley rodeo 7 but I sat down after landing because I was so shocked that I was going to land it so well!  Damn it! So that is something I have to work on this year, clean it up and take it to other features.

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

Man this season was so difficult to film.  I always get that feeling of wanting to give up when the conditions aren’t lining up properly, yet I’m somehow committing to going out every single day at 6am whether its raining or not.  It gets taxing on the brain, and I wonder why the heck I punish my mind like that…. I just wanted it so bad to be able to get a part that I was proud of so I couldn’t deal with staying home and maybe missing out on a good day.  Putting a part together is not about just going out on the sunny days. It’s about grinding it out until the bitter end.   I felt like I was a hampster in it’s running wheel! Going and going and going…  I pushed it to the very last day of winter, when all the cornices start to break off.  At that point, the mountains were telling me to go home and it was done.  After all, I was on a shoestring budget and I couldn’t afford to go another day anyway.  This made me reflect on how hard I worked and that it was finally coming together.

How many flights did you miss?

Zero.  There is no way I would lag on missing an opportunity to travel to Sweden with Airblaster or Japan with my crew.  When you get those opportunities, you take them! Don’t blow it!

Why do you love snowboarding?

 I have an appreciation for all aspects of snowboarding.  Slashes, methods, hand plants, creative lines or anything with style.  The progression of creativity keeps me addicted and I  thought I’d get sick of it by now, but it’s been 10 years of being pro and I still love it like the day I started. I’ll be snowboarding until my body can’t take it anymore.

What’s next for you?

Well I’m scratching and clawing for support for another year of snowboarding, so we will see.  Fingers crossed that it works out, but I have had a 10 year amazing career already and I’m so thankful for everything snowboarding has brought me.  I would like to round out my career on a high note and produce another film this winter.


Airblaster, Ninja Suit, Dakine, Vans, K2, Protec, Coastal Riders, Whistler Blackcomb, Knight Rider Racks and Jeff Keenan.