Lazerkitteh’s Full Movie Harding Over Alt

The Norwegian crew known as Lazerkitteh really know how to party. Harding Over Alt or “Boner Everywhere” in english is a sophisticated snowboard film that’s sure to please, with hilarious bangers and snowboarders hucking it to their faces it’s a 20 minute flick of foreign shred awesomeness.

Oh and generally we try not to post any skiing but this was diluted with enough boarding. So if it bothers you at all, just try to ignore the ski homies towards the end, and enjoy the clips of them eating shit in the beginning.

Featuring riding from Alexander Klerud, Mortendur B. Sandvik, Simen Røisehagen, Even Brekke, Sindre Kåseth, Thomas “Legenden” Eikeland, Vemund Sande, Mons Petlund, Kenneth Kolstad, Isaac Manning, Audun Linnerud, Anders Karlsen, Magz Nørsteng, Morten Kveen, Jørgen Formo, Brage Richenberg, Airdog, Ole Andreas Lien and Eirik Børresen.

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