Edit: Skylar Brent

Photos and Captions: Cole Martin

Last Call is an incredible event that has become an institution of East Coast snowboarding. It’s a day you can count on seeing a ton of your old friends, meeting a few new ones, and lapping one of the best parks around. The Loon park staff always manages to one up themselves from the year before and sculpt up a beast of a setup that would rival any major contest around in it’s attention to detail. And whether it’s sunny or pissing rain, boiler plate or slush, it’s the East Coast so you know people are going to rip no matter what.

2014 threw Last Call a pretty standard spring day for New Hampshire: sun, wind, and ice. You could put the setup on a friggin’ post card. It’s that beautiful. Kudos to all of the Loon park staff once again because the setup for this event is always sick and it just gets better year after year. Last Call is broken up into three hour-long sessions in the different zones. First off was the channel line. This was sick and man was it rock hard and fast. Airing back and forth on a line like that takes some serious edge control in between those jumps, and on boiler plate ice like it was at the start of the contest, that’s not an easy feat. But a bunch of people made it look easy, like Zack Normandin, who had this thing won, in the bag, since breakfast.  I saw Alex Rodway do a sick back seven and Brendan Gerard do some front three double tails, Jack Dawe had a sick Cab five stink bug. When things shifted down to the rail zone, shit started to get heavy. Across the board too, some really tech shit from Luke Haddock, who won this zone, Normandin was going real fast and again, riding like he had this thing won from the get go. Mike Rav is one you had to keep an eye on, he was getting real weird in there. Dakota Whittaker and Rob Hallowell were killing it consistently in here too. Loon then had two hips cut going into the pipe, and riders were judged on their hip air and then their first hit in the pipe. I thought that was a pretty damn sick take on transition riding. Normandin, Merrick Joyce, and Brendan Gerard were killing it in here. Shaun Murphy did a couple sick Cripplers and Rav got wild. Tyler Davis had some sick methods.

The whole day was on point. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Men’s Overall

1st Zack Normandin

2nd Travis Nuenhaus

3rd Shaun Murphy

Women’s Overall

1st Nora Healy

2nd Elan Tortiouse

3rd Katie Kennedy

Rails Luke Haddock

Jumps Ryan Herkowitz

Transition  Merrick Joyce

Mike Rav is a damn good boarder. Photo: Cole Martin

Mike Rav is a damn good boarder. Photo: Cole Martin