L1 Premium Goods Presents: Americana – Full Movie

L1 Premium Goods Presents: Americana

This is everything you would want in a video named Americana. Take a group of individuals, send them around the world, and let their synthesis create a high-voltage video that represents the pure freedom behind L1. A video style that is entirely its own, Cole Taylor captures hammer after hammer from this powerhouse urban cast including Brandon Hammid, Sam Taxwood, Dominik Wagner, Blake Geis, Billy Mackey, Justin Keniston, Zebbe Landmark, and Lizard King. The riding is super crisp and clean with some shocking and impressive multi-kinks, presses, gaps, and tight landings. L1 Premium Goods Presents: Americana is stylish, suspenseful, and never lets up.

L1 Premium Goods Presents - Americana | TWSNOW.com

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