Kyle Mack Wins Burton US Open Slopestyle Finals 2016

The world's best riders had a heavy showdown during men's slopestyle finals at the 34th annual Burton US Open in Vail, Colorado.

With slopestyle dominators, Mark McMorris and Stale Sandbech, out of the lineup due to injuries, today’s contest could have been anyone’s game and it all depended on who could master the creative setup and put it down in two-run super final. Thirty-two riders laid it all on the line, but it was 18-year-old Kyle Mack who stole the show to and took the highly-coveted win. This marks Mack's biggest slopestyle win of his career, and one that he has been working towards since he began competing over eleven years ago.

"It's been an 11 year journey, from the junior jam, and now to finals, and it couldn't be better– I'm so hyped!" exclaimed Kyle following the event. "This means a lot— it's pretty much a dream come true," he continued.


Kyle Mack. Photo: Nick Hamilton

Kyle's first run consisted of a Backside 180 Hardway, Cab 270, Backside 540, Switch Backside 540 Melon, Frontside Triple Cork 1440 Tail, to Backside Triple Cork 1440 Japan on the money booter, which was by far the most technically advanced run landed today.


Eric Beauchemin | Photo: Nick Hamilton

Clad in an ninja turtle's outfit, and riding an Omatic board, Eric Beauchemin blew minds with his first run which included a spicy rail combo up top. Beauchemin blasted a Cab 450 on 270 out,  to Half Cab on Backside 360 out, into an Alley-Oop Rodeo 720 Nose, to Frontside 1080 Indy, to a big ole Backside 1260 Mute, and ended with a Cab Double Cork 1260 Mute.

"This has been a great day, I'm so hyped!” said Beauchemin after securing second. The 25-year-old from Michigan casually chomped on a slice of pizza and talked about his nerves throughout the event. "I was really not that calm, but I just let whatever happen, happen and I'm just hyped I got to put down that run," he said.


Seb Toots | Photo: Nick Hamilton

Sebastian Toutant rounded out the podium with a solid run that included a Frontside Boardslide, to Frontside 270 on Hardway, to Frontside Inverted 540 Indy, Cab 1260 Tail, to Frontside Double Cork 1080 Mute, to Backside Double Cork 1080 Indy on the last run. While this wasn't the biggest run we've seen out of Toots, it was still good enough for third.

"With 32 riders taking two runs, it's a lot of waiting, it's like almost an hour and half between runs, so that was tough," said Seb about today's super final. "But I'm glad that they kept it safe and we didn’t ride when it was bad on Wednesday, but it did make today's event long," he continued.

Other highlights included Red Gerard's second run in which he stomped his first-ever backside triple cork 1440 on the last jump. Red was stoked on landing this trick because he hadn't even planned on trying it.

"I wasn't really sure if i was going to do, but then I landed that 10, so I figured I'd just send it, and I'm just so hyped!" said Red following the event. He efforts earned him fifth place and bragging rights for being a 16-year-old boss.

Despite the pristine conditions and immaculate, progressive course built and maintained by SPT, a grip of notable riders had a hard time putting down clean runs. Tor Bergrem was riding super well, but washed out his landing on his last triple. Eric Willett, Chas Guldemond, and Chris Corning were riding well, but just couldn't stomp things cleanly enough to make it happen today.

Today's win by Kyle Mack marked the first time an American has won the Burton US Open since 2008. The last American to win was Shaun White, who hasn't competed in slope since 2014, and hoped to make a triumphant return today, but ended up placing 31st. White's rail game has always been his weakest, and today he was bamboozled by the first rail on both of his runs.

The action continues tomorrow with Men’s and Women’s Pipe Finals. Keep it locked to TWSNOW for all the breaking action.

Burton US Open Men’s Slopestyle Finals 2016
1. Kyle Mack 89.75
2. Eric Beauchemin 83.50
3. Sebastien Toutant 80.95
4. Carlos Garcia-Knight 80.65
5. Red Gerard 78.75
6. Brandon Davis 78.70
7. Chris Corning 77.80
8. Yuki Kadono 77.50
9. Tyler Nicholson 76.10
10. Lyon Farrell 73.85

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