KORUA Shapes Presents Yearning For Turning

There’s no denying it, carving is back. But this time, the hardboots have been ditched and it’s all about fresh shapes and a range of sidecuts for getting low and burning turns. Inspired to create boards that match this riding style, two years ago Swiss riders Stephan Maurer, Nicholas Wolken, and Alvaro Vogel partnered up to start a new snow-surfing company called KORUA Shapes.

"We wanted to have super wide boards that carved well on the slopes," says Wolken. "We wanted a more surfy feeling, and we did get that because with a wider board you can really set an edge, even in softer conditions. You don't dig your feet as much, so you can really lean in on a hard bottom turn, like you're dropping in from a wave."

From that single board, the line expanded as quickly as the group's imagination for shapes. Now working with a new factory in Poland, there are six boards with wild outlines, like the Puzzle 61, featuring a tail that looks like the rounded nub on a puzzle-piece, and the blunt-nose, fang-tail Stealth 63. Wolken promises that more are on the way.

Click the photo below to take a look at the full line of shapes.


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