Know Your Roots: Teaser

Know Your Roots: Teaser

Wyld Instinct comes at us with a bangin’ film called Know Your Roots. Filmed in Steamboat Springs and Upstate New York, this film is a sick collaboration of a bunch of friends having a bunch of fun running around the streets hitting some creative spots and having a hell of  time doing it. For now, here is the teaser. Stay tuned fore the full movie coming out this summer!

Kaleah Opal 
Gabe Mekker
Lewis Deane 
and Friends 

Technine snowboards
Candy Grind
Union Binding co
Knee Deep Company 
Back Door Grill

Filmed by: Casey Littler, Jake Luczak, Shawn Bond, Gabe Mekker, Kaleah Opal, Lewis Deane

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know your roots