‘Our Kingdom’ : Kickstarter Campaign Nears It’s Final Day’s

Our Kingdom, a documentary showcasing the UK snowboarding scene, is reaching the final day’s on its Kickstarter Campaign.  There is Just a couple of days left to donate and help this story be told.

Pic Dan Milner - Rider James Stentiford

Photo: Dan Milner, Rider: James Stentiford


Project: Our Kingdom launches Kickstarter campaign to help fund cinematic documentary on the UK snowboard scene.


Goal: £10,000 by Monday 5th January 2015.


Rewards: Signed Physical copy of the Movie, A day riding with Andy Nudds, Screen printed posters, T-Shirts, VIP Tickets to a UK Premier and more…


Our Kingdom launches Kickstarter campaign to help fund cinematic documentary on the UK snowboard scene. A first of its kind, this unique project will investigate the incredible journeys that UK snowboarders have undergone to get them where they are today. Due for release in Autumn 2015, the Our Kingdom Kickstarter Campaign can be followed here.


With the success of Team GB at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the UK Snowboard scene has firmly placed itself on the international map. With an incredible portfolio of riding talent representing the UK today, there hasn’t been a better time to showcase these amazing athletes. Our Kingdom will tell the story of the UK snowboard community both past & present. Featuring current Olympic hero's through to the UK's first sponsored riders, a cinematic piece of this level has yet to have been created.


From riding the country's dry slopes to heli-trips in Alaska, Our Kingdom will capture a diverse list of riders in a way they have never been captured before. Featuring Sochi legends Jamie Nicholls & Billy Morgan through to street riders Andy Nudds & Sparrow Knox, the documentary will reveal the highs and the lows, the struggle with injury & defeat as well as miraculous turning points that these athletes encounter.


Whitelines Editor, Ed Blomfield comments "We've never had a movie that's really told our story, that's gone into the history, that's explored the personalities – everything that makes the British snowboard scene special. That's why I think this proposed movie is important."

Delving into the history of the UK snowboard scene & integrating a selection of footage from the Sochi Winter Olympics archives, Our Kingdom will feature exclusive interviews with a host of names from the industry including Team GB coaches Hamish McKnight & Lesley McKenna as well as Olympic commentators Ed Leigh & Tim Warwood.


This exciting new project will tell the full story. For further information on the This is (Our Kingdom) visit www.ourkingdom.co.uk (website in construction).