Kickers & Cream S2 Episode One

Kickers & Cream is officially under way. Carlos Garcia Knight and his posse of delinquents forge onto one adventure after another as they travel around New Zealand in the commencement of the second season. Hot off the blocks, Carlos logs a solo mission through the park at Cardrona. Flowing through lines with ice in his veins, Carlos drops hammers with his distinguishing stylish flair before passing the torch to the boys for the Jossi Wells Invitational. On a 75-foot Big Air Jump, built specially for the event, Sy Moran, JJ Rayward, Tiarn Collins, and Matty Cox are all nailing one trick after another in pursuit of the $20k cash purse. Returning for one last session at Cardrona before they wrap on episode one, Carlos and JJ roll out some strikingly smooth and technical airs in the pipe and off jumps.

Challenging the entrenched way of doing things is inherently part of Carlos's vision. Kickers & Cream was derived from defying the status quo and continuously searching for ways to disrupt the norms of mainstream edits. Influenced by the adventures on and off the slopes, Carlos strives to bring a more engaging series encompassing the in-betweens of the snowboard lifestyle.

“Welcome to Kickers & Cream season 2. In this episode Carlos returns from injury, and introduces the crew to you all for the first time this season. All the lads head up Cardrona to have a good time and shred together as a crew. We will also be covering the JWI, and all that surrounds that contest. This ep. will end on a shared part with JJ and Carlos, who have been riding together since day 1. Hope you all enjoy it!” – CGK

Kickers & Cream S2 Episode One | TWSNOW
Finally Kickers & Cream S2 Episode One!