Kevin Backstrom : Full Part : BYND X MDLS

Interview with Kevin Backstrom below.

Kevin Backstrom

photo: @bingorimer

Where you from? Where do you live?

Im from Ulricehamn, Sweden but I now live in Gothenburg.

What is your web series BYND x MDLS all about?

It's all about Diggles capturing me, Tor, and our friends having fun while we snowboard in different places.

Where all did you guys go last season filming it?

We went to, Australia, France, Austria, America, Iceland, China and Switzerland.

Kevin Backstrom

How did you and Tor meet up?

We started at the same snowboard school in Norway when we were 15. We are both swedish so we decided to live together. I only went to that school for a year and then when Tor was done with school we moved back together in Gothenburg.

Where was your favorite session this season?

Probably the sunset shoot we had with Nike up in Montafon. We were a good crew, the jump was sick, and the sunset looked epic with the mountains in the background. When we were done the cats had to take us to the top of the mountain, then we had to ride all the way down in total dark which was kinda scary.

What was the hardest trick to land?

Frontside 1080 nose grab in powder because I never landed it.

When did your season start/end for you this year?

It started in Australia in August and it ended at Mt. Hood in May.

Kevin Backstrom

photo: @bingorimer

Who threw the best part this past winter? party or part?

Party: Our intro shoot was a pretty good one haha.

part: Nichollas Muller in Never not, probably watched that part 50 times.

What’s in store for BYND X MDLS this coming season?

We gonna go to some cool new places and try to do some cool new shit :)


Nike Snowboarding, Monster Energy.

Kevin Backstrom

Kevin Backstrom. PHOTO: Philipp Ruggli

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