Keegan Valaika's Full Part from Eversince – 48 Hours Only

Time’s up! Be sure to check out Keegan’s full part in Eversince by picking up a copy on iTunes.

It seems like this is the season of insanely well-rounded parts, and Keegan Valaika is most definitely on the right track. With an incredibly versatile repertoire of unique street spots with a bag of tricks to match, Keegan continues to keep up the pace in the backcountry. It’s no wonder this is one of the best parts of the year, earning himself the opener in Eversince. Watch it for yourself right here for 48 hours only.

Get yourself a copy of the full movie on iTunes

Keegan Valaika : Full Part from Absinthe's Eversince |

Keegan Valaika. Photo: Julein Petry Perly