KBR: The Crew that Grew to Represent Finnish Rail Riding | Insight

KBR stand for cobra. Why a K? It just sounds better than CBR. What started in 2004 at a small resort called Laajavuori grew to represent the new guard of Finnish rail talent. In the beginning the crew was large, but as time went on Toni Kerkelä and his buddy Petrus Koskinen began to take it a little more seriously.

It became their thing, and Petrus and Toni began meeting people from all across Finland, as hyped on snowboarding as they are. KBR gained momentum. It grew to be something more than a crew of friends cruising a local hill; it was a catalyst to bring together a new guard of Finnish rail riders. Each year KBR would film a full-length movie, eventually gaining enough support to pay filmers and host official premieres.

Around 2011, this group of Finns caught the eye of TransWorld, and we posted one of their movies. Petrus remembers, "Every day we went to TWSNOW.com. We couldn't believe it the first time they posted something from KBR. It was so sick that someone there liked what we were doing, or even knew who we were. That was the biggest achievement for us at the time."

Fast forward to present. Toni is a professional snowboarder, and Petrus is a full-time filmer and editor. We knew we wanted Toni in the TransWorld movie, and when it came time to pick a filmer, it was a no-brainer. Petrus was the dude.

Things have come full circle. Petrus explains this past season filming with Toni for Insight: "It was so sick. In the beginning, Toni and I were always the most motivated guys. It was just like the old days. We spent almost every day together, out in the streets. There was a lot in common this season with the early days of KBR."

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