K2 Road Rage

K2 Snowboards took their team of all star riders, pilled them into two vans, and sent them on a fun filled nine day trip from Washington to Park City for the Holy Bowly. Featuring Johnny Brady, Shaun McKay, Gray Thompson, Chris Beresford, Alex Rodway, and Tim Eddy. The offical itiniary went something like this Snocon Seattle shop visit, WJ Skate park with Tactics Eugene, Bend, OR, Mt. Bachelor – (two days), Ft. Boise Skate Park, Montego Bay resort Wendover, NV, Bonneville Salt Flats, Bereford's house – Salt Lake, UT, Holy Bowly – Parck City, UT (3 days), and Straight back to seattle.

Interview with Tim Eddy below.

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What was your favorite session of the trip?

Most definitely without a doubt hands down no questions asked The Holy Bowly. Twas a most righteous four day session!

How did the team get around?

We had 2 RVs while we were on the road, and snowboards while we were on the slopes.

What was the weirdest thing you saw?

The weird and strange universe that existed inside the casino in Wendover, NV.

Where was the best food?

On our grills while tailgating in the parking lot at the resorts.

Any flat tires?

Negative. Smooth sailing!

Who was the dirtiest team mate?

Both of the RVs

Who ate the most fast food?

Surprisingly no fast food was harmed in the making of this trip.

Did you enjoy the 3.2% beer at the Holy Bowly or did you import?

We stocked up in almost every inch of interior storage space before crossing the border of Waterbeer.

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