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"My history is here, my style of riding, the mountains here explain why I ride the way I do," says Josh Dirksen, referring to the Cascades that lies outside the window of Dirksen's Bend, Oregon home. These volcanic ranges receive the brunt of any storm they lie in the path of. This means winds and precipitation continually shift the snowy landscape, sculpting lips, gullies and hips—a natural playground for those with the right eye. Dirksen spent his past season searching out this type of terrain—splitboarding, camping, and catching storms at the right time.

He filmed a full part for TransWorld SNOWboarding's latest full-length movie, Insight, without getting on a plane or even leaving his home state. And Dirksen has earned the right to do so. He's spent two decades as a pro snowboarder traveling the world. During much of that time his riding existed on the cutting edge of freestyle snowboarding. He's won major contests, set height records, and filmed hammer parts with Mack Dawg and subsequently Robot Food.

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