Jordan Morse’s 2013 Full Part

Interview by Toby Witte

Jordan Morse is Salt Lake native that's keeping the spirit of the streets alive with an innovation that's impossible to miss. Armed with talent and overwhelming positivity, there’s no question that Jordan is one of the best people to keep an eye in the future.

How old are you and where are you from?

I just turned 20 and I’m from Lindon, UT.

How’s Salt Lake?

It’s good except we went up to the Bone Zone today and it's gone!… It’s unreal, it sucks. I guess yesterday everyone was going up there and on their way out at around 5:30 they saw a bunch of cops with chainsaws and didn’t think much of it for some reason. Anyway, we went up there today and a bunch of stuff was just cut up. They took a bunch of shovels and axes, too, so we hid some of the rails. It sucks.

When did you start snowboarding and what made you stick with it?

I started snowboarding when I was nine, and I did it because my brother did it and I was super stoked on him. I started riding with friends and got pretty good at it. But I mean it was just something to do, and I had a lot of friends to do it with.

What do you think helped shape your style, and what made you focus more on rails instead of jumping?

I started riding rails because growing up none of my friends really rode jumps. I just wasn't as stoked on the way it looked, I was more stoked watching rails. Going huge is sick, but it was just more fun for me growing up riding rails. As far as my style goes, when I started riding with Sam Taxwood and Ben Bilodeau at Park City that really helped me out cause I would see them on the mountain and at other competitions and we just started kicking it a lot when we were 14 or 15.

Jordan_Morse_ Chandler_Kim

Jordan Morse. PHOTO: Chandler Kim.

Who are some of your favorite people to ride with?

Lick the Cat and Under Dawgs. They’re the best people around. They don't really take things too seriously, and it’s just always laughs and good times. Even when you’re at a spot and there’s pressure you’re just having so much fun with the friends. They just put out good vibes and there’s nothing to stress.

You come from a Mormon Family and live in a Mormon community, what do they think of your snowboarding and the lifestyle that comes with it?

They’re stoked. My parents will like brag about me in Church because I would win a lot of contests when I was a kid so the community knows that I’m a snowboarder. Everybody seems to be pretty hyped about that, they definitely don't judge me at all because I’m a super nice person to everybody. I think I put a good light on snowboarding around here. My parents understand that there can be some less than great behavior in snowboarding, but they trust me so I don't worry about that stuff. The community is honestly really behind snowboarding, they’re stoked that I’m doing something that I love and see that it really is fun. I’m down for the community I live in, it’s like 80% Mormon. Really nice people and everyone is really close and we all go to church together. When we were kids the parents of our group of friends would take turns carpooling an hour to Park City from here so we could go and they’re really happy to get us out snowboarding. They definitely did what it took to make it happen.

How did you link up with Burton and what are your thoughts on the Knowbuddy program?

Knowbuddy is sick, they just keep popping up everywhere in really sick edits. There’s no Burton logos on the boards and they just keep it super mellow, I think Burton did a really good job with that program. It’s sick that dudes like Ethan Deiss and Alex Andrews are down to run a Knowbuddy board, I think that’s funny. Alex’s very last trick at the Bone Zone was on a Knowbuddy. Anyway, I got with them through Benny Pellegrino at Milo Orem and they linked me up with Four Horsemen Sales.

Well you had a part in This Must Be The Place’s movie. Was that your first time actually going out to hit spots and really hustling to film a part?

Yeah, that was definitely my first time filming for a part. Before that it was just random shots here and there. I’m hyped on Connor Brown, he’s the man and he definitely helped me get to where I am with those edits that he made at Park city. Those really got me my first exposure.

This year you were involved with the Under Dawgs and their project DAE (Drake Aron Edwards). Could you talk a little bit about what that was and what it meant to you?

It was super cool and everyone was super motivated. Going out with Shane (Wright) was the best because he was twice as motivated. We would never go to a spot without him saying “this is for Brett Olson and Drizzy.” That really motivated me, I really didn’t wanna blow it for Shane. I would want to get tricks to make the video better because Shane was just so hyped on it. I mean I didn’t know either of them, but I have so much respect for them because of what people told me about them, and I love them, I really do. I didn’t have that attachment that some of the other guys had, but that helped me get stuff done.


Thank you to Colton Morgan, because I didn’t even think I was going to film a part this year and he came through. Brendan Barry. Connor Brown. Jon Stark. Rob Balding. Mia Lambson. Toby Witte. Under Dawgs. Lick the Cat. Milosport. Anon. Analog. Burton. Four Horsemen Sales. People Water. My Family. All my Friends. Friendship!

Want to check out the full D.A.E movie? Well pick it up HERE


Jordan Morse. PHOTO: Chandler Kim.