Jonny Pickup’s Full Part from Afterlife Available For 48 Hours Only

From Afterlife:

Jonny headed to Finland to start filming in early January, unfortunately there wasn't much snow at that time so he was quickly introduced to the Helsinki night life before we drove north a few days later where he started to collect his shots. Later on the season Jonny got unlucky with two slams, after healing up after the first (a crack in the tibia and fibula bones), he got straight back on it only to take another hit this time tearing his ACL. It was gutting to see his season get cut short, but he still managed to stack some good shots, with a cameo from John Weatherley for Afterlife in a short amount of time!

Jonny Pickup's full part is online and free for only 48 hours. You can watch Afterlife in full on Vimeo On Demand.

Full movie presented by: Monster Energy

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Music: 'Snarl' performed by Lucern Raze. 

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