We’ve covered all the fundamental rail moves this season, so why slow down? Let’s pick it up even more and keep moving. Nosepresses are awesome, but we still have a very key press to cover-the five-0. This has been one of my favorite moves for the past few seasons. Combos go well with this trick, so use your imagination once you lock this one into your hit list. -J.J.

1. Take a similar angle into the rail as you would for a 50-50. Crouch down a bit to set up for the ollie.

2. You’ll want to climb into this trick as we did with the nosepress-the less weight you have coming down onto the five-0 the easier it is to keep it lifted.

3. Land in your five-0 heavily weighted on the back foot, and bone your front leg out in front of you a bit. Hold your five-0 up by pulling up and back on your front leg, with your weight still loaded on the rear leg.

4. Hold the position, and don’t let it drop and tap along the box or it doesn’t count! The nose of your board must stay lifted throughout the entire maneuver.

5. Snap a little ollie off the end for added steez, followed by a solid stomp.

6. Now dial in your five-0s and then start throwin’ crazy in-and-out combos!

Tip: “Land in the five-0 heavily weighted on your back foot and hold the position-don’t let it drop and tap the box.”