Jess Kimura’s ‘Barely’ Episode 2: Quebec

‘Barely’ is a new web series following Jess Kimura around this winter as she films her video part for fall 2012. Jess recently took "Women's Rider Of The Year", "Women's Video Part Of The Year", and "Women's Reader's Choice Award" at the TransWorld Riders Poll 13 Awards in Denver. In this episode Jess hits up Quebec and gets it good with some heavy urban sessions.

Watch Episode 1 HERE.  Stay tuned for monthly Episodes of "Barely" Dropping monthly throughout the season, and Jess' Full Part coming Fall 2012 right here on

Jess Kimura's "Barely" web series is brought to you by Monster EnergyVolcom, and TransWorld SNOWboarding

Video by D Boy, Joe Carlino, and Mark Wiitanen