Jason Robinson Full Part from Dopamine

J-Rob’s Full Part from Absinthe Films new release DOPAMINE

(THANKS FOR CHECKING OUT J-ROB’S FULL PART, THE PART IS NOW OFFLINE BUT YOU CAN STILL WATCH IT ON THE NEW ABSINTHE FILMS MOBILE APP HERE AVAILABLE FOR THE NEXT WEEK, and download the whole film on iTunes right HERE). Stay tuned for Full Parts dropping every Wednesday right here on TWSNOW.com)

Jason Robinson aka J-Rob was on fire this winter, jumping in with the Absinthe Crew and nailing a sick opening part to their new movie DOPAMINE. Watch his Full Part online for 48 hours only, the first of five DOPAMINE full parts dropping online right here on TWSNOW.com.


Jason Robinson aka J-Rob. PHOTO Andy Wright

You can download the whole film on iTunes HERE, stream it on the new free Absinthe iOS app HERE (and Android app HERE), or get the double disk DVD/BluRay at your local Snowboard shop. Stay tuned for more Absinthe Films Full Parts dropping weekly right here on TWSNOW.com

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