New World Record Set for Fastest Snowboarder Towed By Car

Jamie Barrow set a new Guinness World Record for setting the fastest speed on a snowboard by being towed by a car.

We reached out to Mr. Barrow for the full scoop on this achievement and asked what inspired to him to fulfill this feat and he answered all of our queries below.

World Record Snowboarder

Photos: Christoph Oberschneider

How old are you, where are you from and how many years have you been Snowboarding?

I am 23 years old, live in Bath, England and have been snowboarding for about 16 years.

How did the idea to break this World Record come to be?

I got the idea for the World Record when I was looking for another snowboard speed record and thought it wasn't that fast so I could give it a go. I did attempt it a couple years ago and went 111kph on the one and only run I did, however, Guinness did not accept it. This was because the timing equipment had to measure the average speed over 100m, and also do it in both directions and take the average of the two runs. This doesn't seem right to me as it is more of an average speed to me rather than top speed, but that's their criteria. So I had to come back and do it again properly.

How did you pick the location?

I had done filming in St. Moritz before for my other stunts and it was a perfect flat location to do it. Unfortunately we didn't have as long track as we initially wanted, but thought it would be enough to beat the record.

How fast did you go?

I went 100.84kph on the outward run and 98.90 on the return run making the record 99.87 kph. it was not as fast as I wanted to go, however with the shorter track and the soft snow, the car struggled to get the traction we needed. I am still happy that I beat the current record.

How many attempts did you make at doing this?

The fastest run was actually on the first run as after that the sun warmed up the snow too much. It got softer and therefore the car had less traction.

What inspired you to try this feat?

I have done a few stunts from going downhill at 151.6 kph, getting pulled behind a plane, and even got propelled by electric jet engines and this was an opportunity to get a Guinness World Record.

What was it like to go that fast? 

I have been a lot faster than this downhill so felt it was actually fun, rather than scary. All I need next is a big jump at the end!

What kind of board/bindings were you riding?

I was using a boardercross board as it's a bit stiffer so has more control at speed. Binding are Burton Genesis. It's the exact set up I used to use when competing in Boardercross for the British team.

How were your edges? 

The edges were sharp as I had to be off the side of the car. I had to hold a heel edge without worrying about slipping out.

Where do you normally snowboard and what kind of snowboarding do you normally do? 

Recently, I have been snowboarding a lot in Switzerland but when I was on the British team, I was based in Morzine, France.

Do you have any plans to try to break any other snowboard records?

I have a few plan for other records and fun suits. In a couple weeks I will being going out to Austria with the Electric Jet engines I had used before, but this time to access flat fields of powder that you would not normally be able to ride on a snowboard.

Also at the end of March I am going to Vars in France to Break the British Snowboard speed record which I set a few years ago of 151.6kph. My aim is to break the 100mph (160kph) and if i am successful, I will be the first person in history to break 100mph on a normal board and in soft boots. After that, I just want to find different ways to push myself despite my permanent back injury.

Congrats Jamie!

St. Moritz, Switzerland– Britain’s Jamie Barrow returned to the frozen lake of St. Moritz, Switzerland, to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed for a snowboard towed by a vehicle, which was previously set at 98.17 Kph (61 MPH).

Barrow did actually attempt to break the record a couple of years ago, when he reached a speed that beat the existing record while being towed behind a car across the same frozen lake at St.Moritz.  Although Barrow went faster than the standing record,  the feat couldn't stand as a Guinness World Record because all the criteria was not met.

Being on a frozen lake, safety and preparation were a major factor when planning the project. The track was fenced off and piste bashers groomed the snow especially for the Guinness World Record attempt.

Strict criteria had to be met for the Guinness World Record officials, including completing a run in both directions with recording equipment to be set at 100m (328 ft) apart by an official. With 200m (656 ft) needed either side so that the Mitsubishi ASX could accelerate and slow down safely on the snow, a total run of approximately 500m was prepared.

World Record Snowboarder

On the morning of Thursday 28th January, Barrow prepared for the stunt and inspected the conditions; the piste bashed track was bumpy and the snow was soft.  These were not ideal conditions but Barrow felt comfortable on the warm up lap and confident that he could beat the record, which he managed to do on his first attempt!

The very first out run was recorded at 100.840 Kph (63.2 mph), but because the criteria for the Guinness World Record states that two runs, one in both directions, has to be recorded, the return run back was recorded at 98.901 Kph (61 mph).  With both runs averaged, it gives the Guinness World record speed of 99.871 kph (62.5).

About his newly set Guinness World Record, Jamie said:

"I'm ecstatic at beating the record! I do think though that I could've easily handled going a lot faster if it wasn't for the soft snow due to unseasonably mild weather and the length of the track.  I'm really looking forward to returning and attempting to beat my own record with the Mitsubishi ASX when there are more favorable weather conditions!"


Guinness World Record – "Fastest speed on a snowboard being towed by a vehicle"

Event Date:  Thursday 28th January 2016 

Location:  St Moritz, Switzerland

Speed: Out run – 100.840 Kph
Return run – 98.901 Kph
Average of 2 runs for record – 99.871 kph 

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