Jamie Anderson’s ‘Living The Dream’ trailer

Jamie Anderson’s ‘Living The Dream’ trailer

Jamie Anderson is one of the most talented and successful Snowboarder’s to date. She has won more contests than any other slopestyle rider in history, and just landed her spot on the US team going to Sochi as hands down the favorite going to the Games. Here is the teaser for her new web series ‘Living The Dream’ following her path to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, coming soon right here on www.TWSNOW.com

‘Living The Dream’ made possible by the fine folks at Billabong, Monster, Oakley, and GoPro.

Executive Producers: Jamie Anderson and Amen Teter in partnership with 8 Side Productions".

"Filmed by Nathan Garofalos, Kyle Barnowski, Sean Aaron, Matt Morning, and Martin Rubio .

Edited by Kyle Barnowski.

Additional footage courtesy of Ali Sports"

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