Jamie Anderson Wins Women’s Slopestyle Finals at the Burton US Open 2016

Jamie Anderson Claims Another Win at the Burton US Open

Set amongst sunny skies, 16 of the world's best women slope riders to took the ultra creative course for finals at the 34th Annual Burton US Open. Due to high winds and generally gnarly weather, semi-finals were cancelled on Wednesday, so everything was pushed to Friday, which meant that the ladies had to lay it all on the line in the best of two run format.

Nerves were clearly running high as no one was able to put down two clean runs as finals were riddled with bobbles and uncharacteristic falls throughout the course. Many ladies couldn't quite dial in proper speeds to appropriately land their desired tricks, and even Jamie Anderson took a tumble on her second run, but that didn't matter as she had already secured the win with her first run.

JamieAnderson_USO2016_PeterCirilli_2075 (1)

Photo: Peter Cirilli

Jamie again proved her dominance and rode with poised confidence. Her mastery on the rails and smooth, technical spins set her a part from the field, allowing her to claim the win. Jamie’s run included Frontside Lipslide, a Backside Bluntslide 270 out, Backside 180 Nose, Cab Inverted 540 Mute, Frontside 720 Mute, into a Backside 540 Indy.

"I know that everyone is looking out for me and seeing what I'm doing, which I kind of love," said Jamie following the event. "I have a lot of pressure and challenges, but just gotta let it all go and try to ride my best for myself. I'm just happy I was able to put one down today," she continued.

"Even though women may be progressing at a different rate than the guys, it's still very impressive that we're out here hitting these massive jumps. Props to all the ladies who are out here riding this course!" said Jamie exuberantly following the event.


Karly Shorr | Photo: Blotto

In a bit of a surprise showing, Karly Shorr snapped up second place with her first run that oozed style and showed her confidence on the course. The judges were impressed with Shorr and awarded her a 80.4 for her run that consisted of a Frontside Boardslide to Fakie, Switch Lipslide to Regular, Frontside 360 Indy, Backside 180 Nose, Cab 540 Indy, to a Backside 360 Double Tail Grab.

Cheryl Maas, a veteran in the field who's coming off her first X Games Gold from Big Air in Oslo, stomped one of the best runs we've seen her put down in while. Maas’ rail game was a little weak up top and not as strong as some of the other ladies, but her sheer mastery on the jumps helped catapult her into third place. Maas stomped an absolutely gigantic backside 900 on the last jump in her second run, which earned the Clif Best Trick of the Day. British announcer, Henry Jackson, was beyond hyped on Maas' performance and jumped up and down in excitement, then ran over to Cheryl to give her a congratulatory squeeze for putting down that trick.

"It's an amazing course and it's just great to put down a good run— it's such an amazing feeling!" exclaimed Maas. "I knew I was going big, but didn't think I was going to go that big, so just am really stoked to put down that trick," said the 31-year-old, mother of two.

Spencer O'Brien had been riding the course well throughout practice, but was just off her game today and took a gnarly fall on her first run when she went a little too big on a backside 7. She skidded out and knocked the wind out herself, but she came back and took her second run, but couldn't quite put it down. Hailey Langland was also poised to do well in today’s event, but fell on both runs by losing an edge on her landings.

Burton US Open Women's Slopestyle Finals 2016

1. Jamie Anderson 86.85
2. Karly Shorr 80.4
3. Cheryl Maas 76.35
4. Klaudia Medlova 71.5
5. Katie Ormerod 68.2
6. Sina Candrian 63.15
7. Jessika Jenson 59.9
8. Hailey Langland 56.05
9. Miyabi Onitsuka 54.75
10. Spencer O'Brien 49.05

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