Jake Price’s Social Media Short Clips Compilation 2015

Ever wonder what a collection of all your Instagram videos would be like? Jake Price did; and he made an amazing video with all of his short clips from 2015. While traveling the globe accompanied by a number of snowboarding's greatest (Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Jamie Lynn, Peter Line, and Austen Sweetin), Jake logged some solid clips that he posted on his Instagram account. In chronological order, Jake put these clips together and made a story of his life in 2015. If you need a refresher on where Jake was last year, I would recommend you check out Mediocre Madness, Mammoth Hot Laps: Recut, and Mr. Plant.

“A chronological compilation of all social media short clips from the Year 2015. These were 95% filmed & edited the same day of uploading to my personal Instagram account @jpminibike. #jpminibikedailies” – Jake Price [Vimeo]

“I compiled all my social media clips from 2015 into one HD edit. This 27 minute clip features everything from surfer chicas to heavy metal fireworks. There is something for everyone & lots of unseen footage like this clip of Bryan Iguchi inspired by his spaced out scenic grams to top it off.” – Jake Price [Instagram]

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