Jackie Lammert Full Part From When It Happens

The steady roar of the generator, the heat radiating from the floodlights, and the sound of her snowboard sliding across a rail like a sword drawn from a sheath. These senses are all too familiar to Jackie Lammert when she looks back on her season filming with Flanel Lifestyles. Minimal snow and less than ideal situations created long nights and extra work just to get shots for her part their upcoming film.  As the crew fought the harsh conditions and snowless winter to the put together When It Happens, Jackie was right there with them innovating and progressing her urban skills.

“The only lady of our squad and probably the MVP for the season. Jackie shows off all different types of street in this part and what it’s like to be a pintsize powerhouse that shows up all us guys.” – Flanel Lifestyles

Jackie Lammert's