Isenseven presents Fool’s Gold: Teaser

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Fool’s Gold. Yup, that’s the name of Isenseven’s 2012 feature length blockbuster film.  A few of their boys have left them, a few guys re-joined and a few new faces will appear this year. But never the less, it’s a great mix of the bestest team ever and they hope you love each rider the way they do. Although, they sometimes can be annoying.

Featuring riding from: Alex Tank, Benny Urban, Tobi Strauss, Fips Strauss, Peter König, Tom Klocker, Luka Jeromel, Marco Smolla, Colin Frei, David Bertschinger Karg, Kevin Bäckström, Ludwig Lejkner, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Dani Rajcsanyi, Christophe Schmidt and some other friendly faces.
Watch the Isenseven crew hit jumps, rails, faces, and hits all over the world, captured on our crispy HD cameras for your viewing pleasure (or pain…)

Fool’s Gold will be available September 2012 at your local shop and iTunes worldwide. Boom!